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Toelichting op 'institutional block funding' van de OESO:

"Governments support public research by means of institutional and project-based funding. Institutional block grants provide stable long-run funding of research, while project-based funding can promote competition within the research system and target strategic areas. Project funding is defined as funding attributed on the basis of a project submission by a group or individuals for an R&D activity that is limited in scope, budget and time. Institutional funding is defined as the general funding of institutions with no direct selection of R&D projects or programmes. The figure shows the balance between institutional funding and project funding for selected OECD countries. Data are based on an exploratory project carried out by NESTI on public R&D funding (Van Steen, 2012)."

Toelichting op het financieren van 'generic research'

Dit type financiering heeft betrekking op onderzoeksfinanciering die niet specifiek gericht is op een bepaalde populatie, thema of technologie.